​​​​YouTube Exploited By Structured Settlement Spammers to Detriment of Structured Settlement Consumers

1. Copy videos with legitimate content and tie them to porn sites or porn title in a malicious, immature and childish effort to discredit legitimate structured settlement content.

2. Generate videos with no content other than a sequence of irrelevant media, accompanied by a monotonous theme song.

that pirate titles from other videos, featuring legitimate content in an attempt to game search engine results.

3. Negative SEO from Black Hat generation of YouTube playlists stuffed with structured settlement keyword titles, individuals or companies, but with content that does not follow the title, ruining the consumer experience.

4. Spam YouTube videos stuffed with structured settlement keywords in the descriptions that do not match the video presented, ruining the consumer experience..

5. Similar to #2, but used at the expense of a structured settlement primary market participant to the benefit of a structured settlement secondary market participant.

6.Generate quasi-legitimate content using paid actors from buy testimonial services, falsely present the videos as being for an actual company. The company often turns out to be non existent and website inactive within a short time frame.

7.Pointless scripted commentary in a robotic voice that is both a turn off and difficult to understand for a native English speaker.

Structured Settlement Cash Now Spammers on YouTube observed by us

The following YouTube accounts generate structured settlement cash now spam

1. Settlemoon                        featuring a paid actor Mike McNarry.  Video posted January 3, 2014, Website settlemoon is not active.

2. Imon Trends                      spams attorney Jeffrey Shapiro and Settlemoon (see #1)

3.        video posted November 24, 2013. Website is no longer active

4. Structuredsettlementannuitycompanies2016  no content but somehow 1,770 views in 3 months. LOL

5. Maham Saedjnnv               Spams ads for CBC Settlement Funding of Conshohocken PA among others through Adsense

6. James Vanderloop             a Chiropractor who hocks sell structured settlements, legal services, bail bonds

7. Donald Case                     useless pictures and no sound for the terms structured settlement broker, SS rates and SS quotes

8. Dew Drops                        useless pictures no content, no sound

9. Thurong Bui Nhu               structured settlement quotes video features bunch of non English speaking morons catching 

                                              a fish with a net and nattering about nothing. What's their point?

10. Oyla Tina                       no content and stuffs others keywords, including trademarked keywords into the descriptions for the                                               videos, promotes link to another SEO keyword stuffed website with spam

                                            poorly worded content with elementary school level grammar.  Content looks like a very bad rehash

                                            of something already written by someone else.

11.Structured Settlement     complete spam YouTube channel published June 2016, features lame music and key word stuffed

                                             descriptions and images pirated from others without attribution   [ structured settlement annuity help,

                                            structured settlement company,  structured settlement loan-posted June 2016, but to the tune of "We

                                             Wish You a Merry Christmas'.

12. Imon Trends                 Completely useless spam for "what is a structured settlement broker?". has a rocket launch count

                                            down that flatters to deceive in its ability to get yo all worked up but let's you down big time. Like   

                                            what's the  point?

13. ExPo-Education USA-UK-Canada  Keyword stuffer Content doesn't match keywords. Useless for consumers

14.Tualem Le                    Scum show manifested in the form of #13 and #4

15. twoCorporation           Scum show manifested in the form of #13 and #4

16. perty                           Scum show manifested in the form of #11, #13

17. Sofia Alani                  Scum show manifested in the form of #11 and #13

18. Howtomake                  Scum show manifested in the form of #11 and #13 and even attempts to skim ad revenue off the scum

19 .iWorld                          Scum show manifested in the form of #11 and #13

20 Edwin Brady                 useless garbage attempting to capitalize on New York Life's 170 year old brand. Nothing about New

                                          York structured Settlement Annuity Companies Rates which Brady falsely advertises and he attempts

                                          to profit off the scum by placing ads.

21.Asia Ali                        Claims to be about structured settlement annuities but its just a key word tagging exercise that has no

                                         useful information for consumers. xyz                       Scum show lame assed key word stuffer  Uses the trademark of a legitimate structured settlement without

                                        citation and then promotes an austrailian mba program

23..Злата Королева        Russian scum show courtesy of Zlata Korolyeva. Who in the world is going to pay attention to a

                                        boring robotic voice for 10 minutes?  Laughable inaccuracy like referring to tax exemption as "tax

                                        evasion".  Somehow this garbage had 76 views.

24. atunakai7c                Annoying robotic voice. Information is not completely accurate and each page features a drunk in a

                                       top hat holding a cocktail, Very unprofessional. The publsher atunakai7c also writes about rice and soup.

                                       Not a whole lot of credibility.,

25. Settlement                Sheer waste of time.  Takes key words like "settlement loan", " settlement funding" and "sell structured

                                      settlements" and attaches to 16 sec clips of a foreign movie. Nothing relevant about the subject matter

                                      and totally useless to consumers.

26. Prisha Academy