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As of the date shown,  these domains and websites were involved in operations to spam search engines and push legitimate structured settlement content away. Some actually imply credentials such as "certified structured settlement consultant" that are not believed to be possessed by anyone employed by any settlement purchaser except for two specific individuals.

The spam domains lead to doorway pages with repetitive meta descriptions content with titles only varying by zip code and key word, and occasionally a phone number. The quality of leads from the spam domains, or spam sub-domains is often poor, or non existent, so a spam zombie domain is of little use to consumers or structured settlement buyers.  For some sites a risky warning comes up on McAfee Web Advisor on the as of dates.

At least two companies that are members of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers are involved directly or indirectly with this activity.

June 2016

einsteinstructuredsettlements.com Einstein Structured Settlements is the sour cream of the crap. Website in operation since late 2012, whose owners value content diarrhea over anything meaningful. They even bought cheap paid for testimonials from Fiverr. Not real customers. They could have been clever about it but they posted a video of a "Hispanic customer" who supposedly sold her structured settlement for a Bentley and coean front property in Miami.,  LOL.  Most of the stuff that is published is inaccurate.  No wonder those associated with Einstein Structured Settlements were banned in Maryland for 7 years due to fraudulent business conduct (from January 2018)

christianet.com ChristiaNet used to be  a pretty decent site but now Christia.net is a waste of time for anyone seeking information about structured settlements. Now one can observe that ChristiaNet simply a key word stuffing exercise that has a lot of rubbish links that don't relate to the anchor word. For example, its page on certified structured settlement consultant hyperlinks to an faq on lawyers. Structured settlement expert link leads to links to Christian debt relief and credit counseling. 

July 2016

ilovestructured.com  totally useless content spam. A website run out of Chennai India, full of foreign syntax laden gibberish, wasteful and inaccurate infographics and promoted by a "Milne Anna", which appears to be a fake LinkedIn profile. Lately there appears to be a Twitter profile called 'Milne Structure' ( 'from Houston TX') which helps propagate the spam. The website is another honeypot to draw in people to sell structured settlements as the meta tags clearly show.

September 2016

consumer-guide.net/blog/how-to-sell-a-structured-settlement/#more-7115 These people used to spam Twitter countless times a day with pictures of the old Chicago bankroll,  a sleight of hand bankroll used by crooks, featuring a Ben Franklin $100 on the outside and sucker's play $1 bills on the interior.  A sample of the 'pearls of.wisdom" offered by the illiterate spamming non-native English speakers is "First, let’s define what it is in order to properly sell a structured settlement. A structured settlement is an annuity that are a financial instrument that is normally used to provide concurrent, tax free payments to a personal injury victim for over a lengthy period of time'. Obviously if payments are concurrent it means they are paid at the same time and therefore not payable over time.

December 2016

structuredsettlemente.com a Wordpress site that is full of videos that don't work and dead links. The only thing the reprobates in charge of this domain have done is to tag their website with tags of other websites that do contain relevant information.. The only useful information on structuredsettlemente.com is an embedded YouTube video featuring structured settlement expert John Darer explaining "what is a structured settlement?".

March 2017

stateandlocalgov.net  some snapper head bought an old website that has nothing to do with structured settlements and is reviewing companies just like an SEO would (as opposed to a real structured settlement expert) and making it obvious that there is little to no knowledge about structured settlements. The nav on the site is all off and they gloat about another website that has been in existence for like two minutes [ The structured settlement section has since been removed]

structuredsettlement.us.com is just more structured settlement spam, mostly very poorly written kaka. Only registered in mid March 2017 yet already receiving bogus recommendations from the site above.. A review is only as good as the credibility of the reviewer. Any nincumpoop can hide behind a wall and snipe at others in the form of a "structured settlement review".. Chances are high that it's an SEO or someone working with one of the typical suspects in the structured settlement secondary market.  Still operating in April 2021 and displays a lot of inaccurate and outdated content.

November 2017

Structuredsettlement.vip Structuredsettlement.vip is registered to Eugene Oregon based affiliate marketers and SEO types. Alot of the information is simply god awful inaccurate and they seem to churn out enough "loosey, soupy poopy prose to justify a double shot of Pepto. For example "If you are managing a large payout, you should be prepared to handle tax liability knowing that any exemptions may have further consequences. However, personal injury lawsuits are usually exempted from tax" What are these knuckleheads saying? And, duh, the tax exemption flows from the characteristics of the damages being compensated, not the lawsuit. Melanie completely misses the boat on taxation of damages  " Earnings from personal injury settlements/judgments cannot be taxed as income [IRS Code § 104(a)(2)]". A physical component is actually required.  A judgment could include punitive damages and pre and post judgment interest, which is not tax exempt.

June 2018

cloudsmallbusinessservice.com Useless website published by Sam Smith of Montville, NJ that includes outdated screenshots of websites which it labels a 2018 list.. Lists the United States Department of Justice and the National Structured Settlements Trade Association, Prudential Insurance Company and and the Deep Water Horizon Settlement, as Structured Settlement Brokers. Lists putrid Einstein structured settlements as a top structured settlement broker even though it's a troll website associated with a group that has been banned from doing business in Maryland for 7 years from January 2018. It also lists Woodbridge which in December 2017 was accused of being part of a Ponzi scheme. 

November 2018

structuredsettlementquick.blogspot  Nothing worse that a cheater. The structuredsettlementquick blogspot blog plagiarizes the writing of legitimate structured settlement industry members. 

January 2019

nlrbfcu.org  NLRBFCU.org  is misleading spammy and fraudulent website that generates leads for CBC Settlement Funding. Took the website of government agency credit union  and slowly changed it into a structured settlement buyer's lead generation site. The supposed organization NL Brand Reviews us the 4th name the website has had in the last year. Keeps the same address as the government agency.The supposed reviewer "from Boston" named "Laura Bushnell" is a made up fake. The structured settlement watchdog wrote recently that the claim that Laura Bushnell was a member of the Charles River Rotary proved to be false. Totally lame.  Same method of operation as other silly companies that buy structured settlements, who are from Maryland.

December 2019 

annuityfactcheck.comhosted at Liquidweb.com redrects from jempbox.org. Those responsible for the publication can't even fact check their own bullshit.  They advertise a range of acceptable discount rates as 8%-14% which is pretty high considering you can get 6% or less if you shop around. The site may be related to another useless site firststructuredsetttlement.com which is hosted at the same IP address as jempbox.org, the site that redirects to annuityfactcheck.com. One of the reasons that annuityfactcheck.com seems unreliable is their 10 step process to sell a structured settlement

August 2020

themelower.com Trashy site, not useful for structured settlement consumers, that seems to be used as a negative SEO tool trying to suppress a leading industry blogger. Apparently these fake meat spam tools have no respect for licensed images, trademarks and copyrights and therefor they get no respect here. Either way not useful for consumers.

April 2021

annuityexpertadvice.com  Flatters to deceive.  Gaffes galore by author, who claims to be an annuity and insurance expert that has trained financial advisors and insurance agents since 2009:.

  • Defines a cash allocation at the time of settlement as advance. 
  • Says structured annuity came about in 1983 after the Periodic Payment Act of 1983 was established
  • Shows a gross misunderstanding of the role of the court system in structured settlements. Positions the court as a dictator.
  • Lists 3 insurance companies that haven't written structured settlement annuities for more than 7 years as structured settlement companies.
  • Displays poor knowledge of structured settlement transfers
  • Under  " Buy Structured Settlement" Plummer says "If you need help or would like to buy structured settlements, we have partnerships with settlement firms that can provide the best policy for you". The thing is when you buy structured settlement payments you are not buying a policy. And this guy is a trainer?
  • MIscharacterizes IRR of structured settlements today