"Motivational Music" to Spaminate By


Structured settlement misinformation, fake news and structured settlement spam that saps your time and provide little if any useful information.. Our mission is to improve the consumer experience when shopping for structured settlements by providing reviews and an early warning system for what are, in our opinion, structured settlement cash now spam sites.

Structured settlement spam mutants began to appear following the passage of the Victims of Terrorism Tax Relief Act of 2001 (VTTRA), which forever changed the information highway for structured settlement annuitants. An Act of Congress, The Act, whose acronym risibly sounds like an alternative to Viagra, set in motion a global sell structured settlement spam infestation, with structured settlement parasites propagating and overwhelming any attempts by the Center for Disease Control. Structured Settlement cash now spammers now populate the Internet with an undying hunger to: (1) acquire structured settlement payments for cents on the dollar; (2) generate ad revenue from the junk they publish and a quick buck. Cyber mercenaries and web ninjas from India, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Canada, China, and the Philippines have joined the structured settlement spam mutants from the United States from California, Maryland, Missouri, Oregon, Florida and elsewhere.

While mindless and concerned only with consumption, the creatures behind the structured settlement spam generating websites are clever and diligent in their structured settlement spam pursuits. We aim to identify and review all structured settlement  websites that generate spam and save the few remaining humans that depend on accurate structured settlement information to make important financial decisions. Let's save structured settlement annuitants and personal injury victims and wrongful death survivors and others considering structured settlements.